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February 2007

Home Sweet Home

Johannesburg to Cape Town

11th February 2007

Sunday 11th
In Maputo, Maria, a school teacher and Reiki master, who was from the Portuguese colony Goa, told me she was born with a gift, she could tell the future with accuracy. She gave me a few examples of this, which I was skeptical about but didn’t share my opinions with her. She warned me that if I left that day, I would get stuck five times! When I asked her “what type of stuck” she replied “five bad things will happen to you”.

Over the next 2 days, these five things happened:

1. Our brand new luxury bus broke down at 02:00 in Nelspruit and we had to wait an hour for a replacement bus.

2. My watch mysteriously fell off my wrist

3. The Shosholoza Meyl train was not operating a normal service that day, and only had 3rd class seats available.

4. My sim card was blocked but I managed to get someone to unlock it for me. All I could get was ‘error in connecting’ when trying to use it, and nobody could explain why or had ever seen such a thing. On top of that, five calls to customer care were not answered after 10 minute waits, so I was really having bad luck!

5. On the Greyhound bus to Cape Town, which left an hour late, I mysteriously lost my wallet, with all my money in it, debit card, drivers license and seven sim cards from as many countries!

The only other ‘bad thing’ I can think will happen (short of a mugging or an accident, was to contract Malaria, and as I write this on the bus, one hour from Cape Town, two hours late, I have been sweating profusely and shivering without reason, randomly falling asleep and waking up dazed and confused. I had dozed off without realizing seven times during the previous 24 hours, twice on sofas, once at the Wimpy restaurant, and twice on two different buses.

I have no idea how I am getting home with no money, my cell phone broken and no house keys.
I think I have a R5 coin which I used as the base of my Queen in the chess pieces I made a week ago…
I will have to use that to catch a minibus taxi close to home and then walk up the steep hill with all my gear!

It’s what I did exactly three months ago on the 12th November, also a Sunday, so it’s not like I don’t have any practice!

I ended up taking a private-hire taxi straight to my front door, hoping to take some money out of the house kitty on arrival. I rang the doorbell a dozen times but nobody was home. I forgot that it was a Sunday morning. I asked the driver to take me to Nathalie, my second ex-wife. I woke her up, got some money for the taxi fare and then faced the wrath of an irritated woman. She refused to let me enter her apartment. Maybe it had something to do with the ‘thing’ I was carrying and that I looked like a poor white vagrant.
I asked her to drop me at home, where my housemate Jikke, who was sleeping earlier, opened for me.

Home sweet home, finally, physically in one piece (barely), emotionally a wreck…

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